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Consulting Services

Gallup workplace studies show just how burned out, overwhelmed and stressed out the workforce is at large. It's estimated, 1 milllion Americans are missing work each day because of chronic stress, and US companies are spending almost ~$75 billion a year on mental health absenteeism costs. Most companies recognize the need to invest more in the holistic health of it's employees, but are struggling with where to start. Sperry Wellness can help in the following areas:

"Burnout manifests in individuals, but it is fundamentally rooted in systems."  -US Surgeon General

Culture & Employee Experience
Accelerate your organization’s competitive advantage by creating a culture of care that inspires, motivates and keeps your people happy and healthy. Areas of expertise include:

  • Mental health and wellness benefit programming

  • DEI/ERG group advising

  • SEL leadership and development training

  • Designing of parental leave policies

Corporate Wellbeing Programming
Using the Surgeon General's recent framework for mental health and employee wellbeing in the workplace, help empower your employees to show up everyday with their best mind, body, and spirit.

  • Implement holistic wellness development programs for better employee wellbeing.

  • Burnout education, recovery and prevention strategies

Deloittes recent report, The C-Suite's Role In Well-Being clearly shows:

  • The pandemic has worsened everyone's health, but executives don't realize how much their employees are struggling. 

  • Only 56% of employees think their company’s executives care about their well-being, while 91% of the C-suite think their employees believe they care about it.

  • 68% of the C-suite admit that they aren’t taking enough action to safeguard employee and stakeholder health.

  • Nearly 70% of C-Suites are considering quitting for a job that better supports their well-being.

"Health-savvy executives have the ability to turn things around and reimagine well-being for themselves and their people. But it won’t be easy, and they should consider relying on other leaders and health experts to help chart a new path forward for well-being at work."

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