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"Sarah is amazing! Very professional, knowledgeable, and super helpful with all things wellness and health. I highly recommend reaching out to Sarah for your wellness concerns."

Trish W.

Sr Manager, Real Estate Development Industry

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"Working with Sarah to focus on my wellness goals and balance my hectic work schedule has been a great experience. Together we established short- and long-term goals, and once those were down on paper I was motivated to achieve them. Sometimes its a simple as that! Sarah is a coach by nature and has a lot of personal experiences to share. I have learned so much from her."

Lauren D.
Director, Consulting Industry

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"Last year, I found myself consumed like a candle stick on both ends. I am a mom and a wife in my mid 40s raising two teenagers and running my own law firm. I thought | could do it all and do it perfectly. It took me a while to realize I was sleep deprived and that stress had gotten the better of me. Working with Sarah for about four months allowed me to spring out of the dark hole I had spiraled into.

Sarah's program was specifically tailored to my needs and built on goals we set together. Her tips were clear and steps easy to follow. She is very effective at translating her insight into concrete actions I use every day since. The most positive result that came from Sarah's coaching was helping me recognize stress triggers and identifying strategies to deal with them. I feel that I own my life again.


I would recommend Sarah's services to anyone who is going through or has experienced burnout. The foundation blocks she helps build are solid and allowed me to flourish on all fronts now: personal and professional."

 Female Law Partner

Sperry Wellness logo

"Sarah is a gentle yet firm advisor, executive coach, and confidant. She came into my life during a crazy time- while I was launching a fast growing startup and juggling motherhood/family life.

Sarah's program helped me make sure I was taking time to replenish myself to avoid burnout, and her productivity tips are invaluable. She is nurturing and knowledgeable-| always walk away from our calls with clarity on next steps and business/personal priorities for the next week. I am so thankful for her."

Terra LaRock

CEO/Founder, Mindful Mamas

"As a senior level woman working in tech and a mother of 2, I've found it incredibly difficult to juggle work + parenting responsibilities along with taking care of my own mental/physical health. After struggling with symptoms of burnout I found Sarah's program to be spot on and I particularly enjoyed the modules on stress triggers, setting boundaries, and habit change. With Sarah's help, I also came to the conclusion that building in time to rest/recharge is absolutely critical to being an effective leader and present parent. Thank you Sarah for all your help!"

C-Suite, Tech Industry

Sperry Wellness logo
Sperry Wellness logo

"Sarah does an amazing job getting to know you through this program and provides relevant, useful information each week that makes the session worth your time and effort. The connection between mental, physical, financial, and overall health flows seamlessly through the program without being overwhelming. She provides several resources in addition to the sessions and is invested in your personal growth. Initially, I was not sure how much I would take away from the program and after completing the 12-weeks I feel more aware and in tune with my overall health and wellness."

Head of HR, Construction Industry

"We had the honor of having Sarah as our keynote speaker at our annual Municipal Bond Women’s Forum in 2022. We asked Sarah to speak on the topic of burnout and the struggles women face in feeling like they have to do it all. Her talk titled "Burnout Culture and The Great Juggle" helped our attendees define the meaning of burnout and how to respond to our hectic lifestyle as women with high stress finance careers. So many of our attendees were happy to walk away with a great “toolkit” with lots of productivity tips, and burnout prevention strategies. Thank you Sarah for this very important and informative conversation. We were so fortunate to have you as our keynote!"

Rachel Perlman

Chairwoman, Municipal Bond Women's Forum
Director, Stifel Financial

Sperry Wellness logo
Sperry Wellness logo

"Sarah is passionate about helping busy women thrive and it shows. I've participated in a number of wellness programs that have typically focused on one area - either diet, reducing stress, work/life balance or exercise. Sarah has done a really nice job putting together a program that brings focus to all areas of wellness, not just one. Her customized, personal approach really helps you put into action a game plan for becoming more balanced and thriving, not just surviving. I highly recommend working with her!"

Reene B.

Director, Staffing & Recruiting Industry

Sperry Wellness logo

"Sarah is passionate and knowledgeable, coming from a high-stress, male dominated work environment and realizing women can better equip themselves to thrive."

Kim S.
SVP, Financial Services Industry

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