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Leadership & Wellbeing
Mini Master Class

Secrets to Success Working In A Male Dominated Industry

Join me for this 4 week series starting April 28, 2023.

 Friday's on zoom (12pm PST/ 3pm EST) for 1 hour in a small group cohort. Meet other amazing professional women and get tips and strategies to succeeding when you are the only woman in the room.

Research has shown that middle managers and in particular women are burning out at higher rates than ever. So add in female middle managers across historically male dominated industries like consulting, construction, finance, law, venture, and tech--and the rates become even higher. In an uncertain economy, dealing with unconscious bias, DEI challenges, negoitating comp, budget constraints, not to mention the threat of layoffs, it can all feel a bit exhausting!

This 4 class Leadership and Wellbeing series is meant for any female middle or senior manager that is at her limit and looking for community, connection, support, and small tangible take aways to help you thrive personally and professionally. We pack alot in including:

  • How our hustle culture contributes to burnout and what we can do to push back and STILL succeed.

  • Why middle managers and women tend to suffer from burnout, why they need more targeted resources to succeed, and prevention strategies for going forward.

  • The art of self promotion and finding ways to "brag" that are comfortable to you.

  • How imposter syndrome is holding us back and workaround strategies specific to your workplace.

  • Reorganizing your home life with Fair Play strategies to reduce the mental load so that we can better succeed in the workplace.

  • How to get into your flow state while living in our modern 24/7 connected world and other productivity strategies for busy on the go women.

Course book, and access to slack community included

Spots are limited, you won’t want to miss this!




Meeting Dates:
April 28, 2023- 12pm PST/3pm EST
May 5, 2023- 12pm PST/3pm EST
May 12, 2023- 12pm PST/3pm EST
May 19, 2023- 12pm PST/3pm EST



Does your employer offer a wellness stipend or a leadership and development tuition reimbursement? If so, please inquire as this program may be covered!


Sarah Sperry is a Bay Area based certified leadership and wellbeing coach and a Fair Play Facilitator. She has over 20 years of corporate experience working for companies in the financial services industry where she was actively involved in DEI, leadership, advocating for better parental leave policies, and overall culture change. Her coaching business Sperry Wellness helps support women navigating their health and career challenges while working in traditional male dominated industries. She's spoken across many Silicon Valley based companies, and her personal story and struggle with burnout has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News and was what inspired her pivot into coaching.

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