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Health Coaching

Health Coaching For Executive Women


Empowering women who are constantly on the go, to take control of their health, achieve better work life balance, and get back to a productive state of existence.

What WE DO 

Sperry Wellness aims to help busy women who are suffering from burnout and chronic exhaustion, and who are feeling overwhelmed with society's ever increasing demands, to instead experience freedom from the to do lists, and to give you a renewed sense of energy and purpose to once again look and feel like the best version of yourself.


Sperry Wellness was born of a lifelong passion for good health, fitness, and nutrition. As a certified health and wellness coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I help empower busy women to create lasting change in order to live a more balanced life. I particularly enjoy helping female executive levels who are constantly on the go navigate their health/fitness challenges. 

Raising three young children in the heart of Silicon Valley and working in the corporate tech/finance world for the past two decades, I understand the "crazy busy." I found it incredibly difficult to manage the day-to-day and maintain a healthy lifestyle, all in the shadow of the fast paced, Uber-connected Bay Area.

As a former collegiate level swimmer, with a "go hard or go home" mentality, I thought I could do it all. But after experiencing multiple injuries after my 3rd child was born, not to mention chronic exhaustion, inflammation, and burnout, I had hit my limit. I finally had my light bulb moment and decided to take back control of my health.


With the help of my own coach, and a period of self discovery and growth, what I found is with some organization, diligent boundary setting, and a  bit of practice you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle while living and breathing your dream career.

My journey has been challenging but in the end, life-altering.  


Join me.

Sperry Wellness

How I Can Help You

Wellness Coaching Packages

Create Lasting Change In Your Life       What is your biggest challenge to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our noisy world? Today's modern woman is overwhelmed, overstimulated, and over-scheduled leading to increased rates of anxiety, burnout, and chronic exhaustion, which can lead to unhealthy choices, creating a vicious cycle. What would life and work look like if we adopted a pace that was just a little more sustainable? 

A New You

Personal Training & Fitness Packages                        Committed and motivated to getting back into shape and just looking for some guidance and accountability? Are you a busy exec that spends a lot of time on a plane and are looking for an easy on the go workout routine? Or maybe you are a new mom looking to lose the baby weight, find your abs again, or strengthen your core? Whatever your fitness goal is, these custom personal training and fitness packages may be just what you need.

Free 30 Minute DiscoverY Session

Connect with me for a free 30 minute consultation to better help you understand how Sperry Wellness can help you, and which package makes the most sense for your custom health and wellness needs.

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