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Online Wellness Coach

Why Have an Online Wellness Coach?

Believe it or not, nutrition coaching is not just about nutrition. The best coaches and trainers understand that lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition are all combined into a neat package. You have to address all three sides of the triangle to see results. It does not matter what the exact goal is, all three parts are key to making lasting changes. Nutrition plays a large role in overall wellness. However, in most cases, to truly make changes in nutrition, you must make lifestyle changes. You are not going to be able to continue to eat out every night and see radical weight loss.

An online wellness coach can provide you everything that an in-person wellness coach can. It is typical for a wellness coach to provide coaching and support over the phone, so the only difference is the support is via an online channel. It could be email, chat, or even video calls. As technology evolves so does our ability to do many activities, including nutrition coaching online. You may find that an online wellness coach fits better into your schedule because there is a greater amount of flexibility in scheduling. It may even prove to be more cost effective.

No matter how you interact with your coach, they should help you create long lasting positive and healthy habits. There are not many quick fixes when it comes to health and nutrition. That is what many people want, but it is not realistic. Your coach must stay within the scope of practice. This means that a coach cannot step outside of their credentials or licensing. They can recommend that you include other professionals in your plan for better overall health. If your coach feels like there is an eating disorder that may be inhibiting your ability to completely focus on healthy behaviors, they may recommend that you see a professional skill in that particular area.

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