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Join the Female Assets Club

The FAC is a virtual community of experienced bad a** high achieving women who work in finance and are committed 
to authentic support,
information and opportunity sharing. 

We can't wait to meet you!

What is it?

A virtual community of experienced (3+ years) of bad a** high achieving women who work in finance and are committed to authentic support, information, and opportunity sharing. 

These are women that want to succeed in their careers but also want to learn to focus on themselves, their physical/mental health, to avoid burnout, and be a better partner, mother, friend etc. 


The community’s mission is:

  • To be a sounding board and place of connection for women working in finance.

  • To be support system for female leaders who want to succeed in their careers while also prioritizing their physical/mental health.

  • To encourage gender equity across the financial services industry. 


The FAC will give you access to wellness tips and strategies, pay gap/gender equity research, career/wellbeing coaches, therapist referrals, mentors/mentee matching, networking opportunities, a job board and more.

This is pretty much everything I wish I had access to working in the industry for over 20 years, but either had no access to, or it was in disjointed places and very hard to find.

How does your application and membership work?

This is a FREE community. The goal is to have a variety of different levels from the buy & sell side + fintech companies from different regions. Review time is usually 5-7 days.


Community Rules.

VALUES- this is a community based on mutual respect, authenticity, empathy, vulnerability, and wanting to help other women succeed in a male dominated business.


MINDSET- there is enough room for all of us, leave your ego out the door.


PARTICIPATION - by applying for and joining the community you commit to contributing and aren’t just a passive reader. Try to keep this workspace open and make it part of your daily workflow. Ask for help and give help in return!

TONE- kind, respectful, & encouraging. This isn’t about being perfect and having your work “game face” on. This is about being authentic, open, vulnerable, and being ok with acknowledging that we have flaws and f*ck up sometimes.

Join the slack community

Help us make a difference

Thank you for joining!

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