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Working With Pure Leaf to Embrace "No Is Beautiful."

I had the honor of taking part in the Pure Leaf No Is Beautiful Campaign where the tea company offered out opportunities to their target market via social media to win a 1 hour coaching session.

The goal of the joint campaign between Pure Leaf and Fair inspire women to embrace the beauty of saying no in a world of pressures and obligations. I met with eight amazing women across the US who are all trying to set better boundaries, weed out the noise, and say no to things that don't align with their priorities and values.

It was such a fun eight hours meeting with and talking to so many interesting women with different backgrounds, career paths and, home lives. Using the Fair Play Method and Strategies we talked through how to talk to your partner about invisible work, steps you can take to rebalance the mental load at home, the cultural toxic time messages women tend to carry, how to create more time and space for yourself to find renewed energy and happiness, identifying stress triggers, and how to combat imposter syndrome at work.

The main themes that came through:

  • Women are burnt out and overwhelmed carrying the majority of the mental load at home while also trying to keep up in their careers.

  • Reframing toxic time messages like "its not worth if for you to work,"and "what did you do all day" can be challenging roadblocks for a couple to get past.

  • Sometimes it's hard to let go complete control of a task when attempting to hand it over to our partners.

  • Having these conversations with your partners takes constant communication, work, patience, and practice.

  • Working in a white male dominated industry where you feel like you can't be your authentic self is exhausting and contributes to burnout.

  • Being in a toxic work situation adds additional stress triggers to an already heavy workload.

  • Struggling with negative thoughts at work like,"you don't deserve to be here" is not your fault but rather the culture, and the context, playing a key role in what you're experiencing.

  • Imposter syndrome directs our view toward fixing women at work instead of fixing the places where women work.

Here's what people had to say after their free session with a "No" Coach!

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