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Self Care Tools In Honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness month and in honor of this I wanted to share out my favorite self care tools and strategies. As we all know chronic levels of stress can lead to symptoms of burnout which can lead to mental health struggles like high levels of anxiety, panic attacks and even depression.

If you are spending a lot time on family, work, and other high-priority events, and are forgetting to prioritize yourself then have no fear, this list is for you. At the peak of my burnout, I was unfortunately at the very bottom of the pyramid and rarely took anytime for myself. Taking my morning vitamins even became too much of a chore because my to do list was that long!

So now I keep a "me" list and try to make sure I do at least one thing on the list everyday. Whether that is to write in my journal, read for 10 mins in the evening, take a bath, make a healthy dinner for my family, move my body in a way that feels good to me, or being more intentional about putting my phone down and living more in the present.

Unfortunately, in our fast paced modern world many view "me time" as a luxury, rather than a priority and because of that we are left feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, and unable to control life's inescapable challenges.

So in honor of Mental Health Month, and all you amazing mothers out there take a look at the list and enjoy!


____________________________ Afraid of going the botox route (like me?!) I bought this Nuface tool during COVID when spas were closed and have found it to be a great replacement and add on to my skin care regimen. The micro-current targets 3 depths of skin and muscle to instantly help blur fine lines and wrinkles and give your face a tighter lifted look over time. I'm also loving Drunk Elephants protein facial moisturizer (thanks to my 11 year old daughter for the product rec!). It's unscented and leaves your face feeling soft and smooth post wash. Finish your make-up routine off looking glowy and dewy with the SAIE Glowy super Gel product. And add a touch of Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip which leaves your lips feeling so soft. I have 2, one for my purse and make up bag!

Create a "me" space in your house, and put down a yoga mat (I like this Retrospect Solana Yoga Mat) but any mat will do. I have this diffuser close by and use a little eucalyptus oil to generate a calming sound and scent. Add your favorite candle and this self care coffee table book as a reminder to take care of yourself. Use it as a "meditation" space or put all of this in your home office so you have a relaxing work space.

Pre workout and post workout I'm really liking these LMNT no sugar electrolyte packets and for sore muscles, don't forget to use massage with the theragun.

Before bed, relax in the bath with Dr Singh's mustard bath salts and don't forget to jot down your thoughts with this beautiful Bee Grateful Journal. I keep it by my bedside and it helps me reflect on my day and allows me to get focused and ready for the next days tasks.

I've also found taking magnesium supplements to be a game changer in helping me sleep. Research has shown that nearly 2/3 of the western population is deficient in magnesium which is an essential mineral that helps manage many processes in the body including: muscle function, nerve conduction and signaling, energy production, normal heart rhythm and bone health. As usual talk to your doctor before adding any supplements to your regimen!

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