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Have you Tried Eating the Rainbow?

If not, try adding this quinoa radish salad into your weekly rotation.

Ever heard of the saying eat the rainbow? This vibrant colored quinoa salad adds a big punch to your daily health routine and includes red and green vegetables that makes a beautiful colored meal. Proven to help fight inflammation, high in fiber, gluten free and low on the glycemic index quinoa is a super food that you should put into your weekly rotation. This recipe is adapted from a version my sister in law recommended to me off Food 52, but I've changed it up and substituted quinoa for the couscous and added a few more veggies. This has been a staple in my house while we've all been working from home during COVID. Great for lunch or serve as a side with dinner.

Quinoa Radish Salad

1 cup quinoa

2 cups chicken stock 1⁄2 a ripe avocado Juice of 1⁄2 a lemon 5 tbsp avocado oil Sea salt and black pepper 1⁄2 c edamame 1⁄2 c frozen peas 1 small bunch radishes 1 kirby cucumber 1⁄2 c feta cheese 3 scallions 2 handfuls arugula Pour 2 cups of chicken stock into a saucepan, bring to boil. Reduce heat. Cook quinoa for 10-12 mins and transfer to a bowl and stick in fridge. Add avocado oil, avocado, lemon, salt/pepper to small salad dressing bowl. Whisk until blended together and mostly smooth. Add to chilled quinoa. Chop scallions, radishes, and cucumber and add to chilled/cooked quinoa. Add edamame, defrosted peas, feta, and arugula and stir until mixed together. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve cold.

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