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Feeling Anxious, Overwhelmed and Stressed?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

You May Be Suffering From Burnout! Did you know the WHO recently diagnosed burnout as an official medical disorder and included it in the International Classification of diseases, the handout that guides medical providers in diagnosing diseases? Symptoms include:

  • increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job

  • reduced professional efficacy

  • feelings of energy depletion and exhaustion

A recent Forbes article highlights a University of Montreal study that shows women are more likely to suffer from burnout than men. And it's no wonder....with over 50% of women in the workforce in 2020, women are truly trying to "do it all,"and in many cases are learning that the pace is just not sustainable. The pandemic has only made it worse. The New York Times recently writes, In a COVID-19 Economy, You Can Have A Kid Or A Job. Does it suddenly feel like we are going backwards to you?

Today's modern woman is over-scheduled, overstimulated, and overwhelmed leading to increased rates of anxiety chronic stress and exhaustion. Recent books like "Mommy Burnout"and "Burnout- The Secret To Unlocking the Stress Cycle" highlight the longer term effects our 24/7 news cycle, social media, workplace pressures, and our own internal expectations are having on our stress levels. And as we all know, chronic stress can lead to a variety of health issues that are sometimes vague (fatigue, digestion issues, weight gain, trouble sleeping, etc) that traditional medical practitioners just chalk up to "everyday life."

My own struggles with all this is for another blog post, but as I dreamt up this business two years ago and now launch this health coaching practice, I sure wish someone would've told me all this! It would've saved me lots of time and money as I tried to solve for my own anxiety and exhaustion issues through more traditional routes.

Insert Sperry Wellness and my mission....

To help busy women who are suffering from burnout and chronic exhaustion (like my former self), and who are feeling overwhelmed with society's ever increasing demands, to instead experience freedom from the to do lists giving you a renewed sense of energy and purpose to once again look and feel like the best version of yourself.

It IS possible to live and breath your dream career without being weighed down and feeling like you are drowning everyday.

You DO deserve to feel like the best version of yourself.

You are NOT alone.

There IS a better way.

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