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WSJ Feature"Moms Are Struggling With Burnout. Is It More Work to Let Dads Help? By Julie Jargon

“Some of this is us learning to let go and me learning I’m not Superwoman and that I do need help,” - Sarah Sperry

Sperry Wellness was recently featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, in the article“Moms Are Struggling With Burnout. Is It More Work to Let Dads Help?”

This article talks about my personal experience with burnout, how I was inspired to pivot into coaching to help women succeed in the workplace, and there are other tips/tools to help parents stay organized to increase productivity.

Even before the pandemic, I was running on fumes and felt like I reached my breaking point. My husband and I delegated household responsibilities, while both working full time, but the mom responsibilities that no one talks about were still overwhelming.

"Even if our tasks are even, hers are more mentally draining than mine" - Chris Sperry

No one talks about the mindless tasks that moms take over without even realizing. From planning playdates to scheduling doctors appointments and carpool schedules.

This is when I took a step back from the corporate world and was inspired to be a health coach for women and it has been life changing.

Find the full article Here

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